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I’m Jerry Neel, President and founder of Texas Seniors Financial Services, Inc.  I have been in business as a licensed agent serving Texas residents since 1980.  I have over 38 years of experience assisting individuals meet their financial and insurance needs.  I specialize in working with retirees, or those nearing retirement to protect your hard-earned assets and seek safe and guaranteed strategies for your future.  

Over the years, I have learned what retiree’s goals are and seek “A” rated Insurance Companies to help achieve them.  My career experience includes Agency management, National Training Director, product development, and regional directorship but the most rewarding is helping individuals achieve safe and guaranteed retirement income.  My experience and knowledge gives you assurance of my ability to organize a plan which will help you achieve your financial goals. 

We are now prepared to share with you what we believe are the best suited programs designed to fit individual needs.  With your goals in mind, ask yourself: 

  • Do you have the safest investments and the best insurance plans available?
  • Am I paying taxes unnecessarily?
  • Will my retirement income be reduced if there is a downward correction in the market?

Email Address txfinser@airmail.net

Contact Number: (972) 278-8590

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